Thursday, July 12, 2018

Surgeons use stem cell technology for bone grafts to treat foot, ankle conditions

When patients need a bone graft surgery for a foot or ankle operation, bone often is taken from different part of their body.
Now surgeons are using new techniques to get bone material and even stem cells right
"off the shelf," according to Glenn M. Weinraub, DPM, FACFAS, a California foot and
ankle specialist who is beginning a discussion among surgeons on the next decade of
bone healing at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons' (ACFAS) Annual
Scientific Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

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Harvesting a patient's bone has always been considered the gold standard, but now the
concept should be studied of as the traditional model.

"The quality of the material that is accessible in a pre-packaged setup has been shown to
be just as adequate for bone healing and may provide fewer complications for the patient."

Bone graft surgery is generally used for large open fractures with the segmental bone loss,
broken bones that have not recovered, bone tumors and reconstructive methods, among
other conditions. According to Weinraub, grafts are particularly helpful for patients who might
not cure under normal circumstances, such as smokers, people with diabetes, people who
are obese or patients with nutritional deficiencies. These are patients who may need a
particular level of biologic movement to improve bone healing potential.

Traditionally, doctors would cut the hip area, for example, and take out a part of the bone to
apply in the foot or ankle. One benefit is that there is the low risk of rejection because the
bone comes from the patient's own body. However, difficulties such as blood loss and
infection can occur, but now these are surgeons who perform stem cell therapy in Hyderabad.

Advances in science are also contributing to some other new bone healing options.

Surgeons are now capable of using stem cells, which are self-renewing cells located
throughout the body, to support in the bone in healing. These cells have the potential to
convert almost any other cell in the body and can form bone, and these are some stem
cell surgery specialist for stem cell therapy in Hyderabad.

Like bone graft substance, stem cells can get from the patient or a lab, which accumulates the
cells from the bones of the contributors and makes millions and millions of duplicates.

The benefit of using lab-harvested stem cells in foot and ankle operation is it permits us to
skip the process of cell recruitment from the patient having the system. We're putting the
cells right there on the injury, and because they are in a bone condition, these cells may
lead and divide in the process of bone formation.

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