Friday, October 27, 2017

Importance of an Ophthalmologist

Have you always been interested to know the way how your eye functions or the eye problems and the kind of treatments that are used? Then, you should be looking into the field of Ophthalmology. This branch of science studies all the aspects related to the human eye. If you are the one among the others who are having trouble when it comes to your vision or any other problem related to your eye, then you need to visit an Ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist will be the one diagnosing and treating the eye related disorders.
When you visit an eye care clinic, based on your complaint, they will assess your vision and see if there are any sight deficiencies or abnormalities due to which you are not able to see properly. The assessments include reading of numerics and alphabets from a short and long distance to determine if you have short sightedness or long sightedness. If they find that you are having difficulty,  as per the Ophthalmology journal, the doctor will prescribe you glasses or lenses based on your comfort. You can also go for laser treatment as a permanent cure if you not willing to go for lenses or glasses. Since it's a lifelong relief, the treatment is expensive over the other methods. Over the course of time, the treatment will tend to become affordable.
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With the more eye problems, the demand for an Ophthalmologist has increased over the time. For a doctor to specialize in this area of specialization, they need to do a one-year internship after their doctorate. After that, they have to do their residency for a period of 3 years in Ophthalmology. With this, the individual will be a certified Ophthalmologist. Know more about Ophthalmology through Ophthalmology journal.
What is Pharmacology?
According to the Pharmacology Journal, pharmacology is a branch of science that concerns itself with the uses, effects, mode, and action of the Drugs. It studies how the drugs affect the biological systems. The knowledge and skill of different basic sciences including biochemistry, physiology, molecular and cellular biology are incorporated.
The study is originated from the ancient practice of apothecaries who use to prescribe remedies for various ailments and observed the effects on the patient's. The several eye disorders and diseases include
With increased health issues and doctors prescribed drugs, pharmacology is playing a prominent role when it comes to the various drug reaction. Pharmacology is learned and practiced at medical colleges to make the future doctors aware of the problems that arise as a result of drugs if they are not in a prescribed way.
Overdosage of the drug might harm the person based on the type of drug while the under dosage might really not help out the patient as the effects of a drug is not shown at all. So it becomes very necessary that the right drugs are taken at the right dosage.
You can know more about Ophthalmology and  Pharmacology through the online journals and Pharmacology Journal that are available. You can know the latest research and innovation in the respective field through the online journals.

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