Friday, October 6, 2017

General Awareness preparation for SSC CGL

As everybody knows about General Awareness is one of the most important and challenging parts of SSC CGL, as you need to get a good grip over various subjects, chapters, and topics. There are so many trusted SSC coaching in Hyderabad, and it is not wrong to say that a city of Hyderabad is mostly known for various coaching streams. Which has always helped the students to go through smart and effective coaching methods?

Here we are going to discuss effective tips, which will help you in preparing General Awareness segment SSC CGL examination.

Give emphasis to science section

From last few years, students are focusing on the question paper of Science section. To prepare Chemistry, prepare those questions which totally based on the periodic table. If it is about physics, questions will be based on the application of formulas. Therefore, start from the basic concept of physics, understand the physics, than where it came from. Lastly, it comes to biology, every part, chapters, and topics are important, give special focus and importance to diseases, nutrition and body parts & their function. After preparing throw cgl test series you test yourself about how much you are ready for the exam.

Read history like a story

One thing you should know about history, start with modern history and culture-related questions. Try to make connections between different events, about their personalities and historical personalities using a map. Many students find it difficult and boring try to learn the history like an interesting story.

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Books for respective subjects

As per the book, perspective learn only from coaching center books is not enough, try to cover generals books and the good thing will try to create your notes by getting ideas from general, coaching books. Then try to take a test at online test series for SSC cgl tier 1 by which you will have an idea about yourself, it's a good way to motivate yourself and learn from your mistakes.
Some students think that if they are good in Reasoning and Quants they don't have to focus on GA, let me tell you one thing you are wrong.

Here are some of the things you should know  why you need to prepare General Awareness for SSC CGL Tier I:

More marks in less time:

By reading it you can understand that you can make more marks within less minutes, it has less calculation based, you might have understood, you can complete the GA section quickly. If you are fully prepared with science and technology, sports and current affairs nicely, you can expect more than least 20 marks.

Low Chances of Getting Negative Marks:

Here it is more beneficial when compared to reasoning and quarts, GA questions will not get negative marking and you can also say there is nothing to solve in General Awareness questions, just you have to focus on giving the right answer which will give you positive marks, it means there is no chance for you to mark a wrong answer, to get a negative marking.

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