Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Know About Social Media Marketing Metrics

If you asked for 20 marketing experts what an essential social media metrics are, chances are you will get 20 different responses. The truth is, social media marketing is a very broad topic, and there is not a one-size-fits-all way to measure success. Yet, it is critically essential to understand what working so you were not wasting valuable marketing dollars heading in the wrong direction.

While there are a number of ways to measure social media marketing, here are a handful of metrics that every marketer should be keeping track of.

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Where is your traffic coming from?

This is one of the essential tools to determine what areas you should be focusing your marketing efforts. You should know which social media marketing channel is referring traffic your way and what type of content performs the best for each channel. Once you have this information, you can shift toward those sites and optimize your efforts to increase traffic. Best digital marketing training shows you the best result in SMM.

To track your traffic, firstly login to your Google Analytics account, go to the Traffic Sources tab and click on the Referring Sites option and type in each social network address. The results will be shown that how much web traffic is being referred from your each platform.

How many people are clicking on your social shares?

As of the last few years, the click-through rate on Facebook had increased by an incredible 275%. This means people are engaging with businesses on social media marketing now more than ever. Measuring how many clicks your social media shares receive is an essential part of learning what content works best.

If you share external content in addition to your internal content, keep an eye on what produce with your audience. For example, if your audience loves articles based on productivity hacks, then produce more in-house content around that category.

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How many actual conversions are you getting from social media platforms?

Conversions are not necessarily just visitors who complete the purchase process. A conversion may also include a successful download of your eBook that opting into your newsletter. Conversions are any event that is tied to the revenue process and can happen even after a visitor is converted into a customer.

It is essential to understand how many of these conversions are being driven by social media. Measuring your assisted social conversions can reveal how well you are doing at building a rapport within your social communities.

Is my content really relevant and also good quality?

The driving force behind any successful social media marketing is a quality content which matters to your audience. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. The quality and relevance of your content can’t be necessarily tracked by measuring the number of times your blog post is shared or tweeted.

Use Google Analytics to measure the following three key factors for each piece of content that you produce:

  • Unique page views
  • Time on page.
  • Total pages viewed.

The goal is to see each of these things increasing over time. A higher number of unique page views indicates that you are reaching more people, while time on page increase means your content is interesting enough to hold the attention of your visitors. Ideally, your content will keep people reading for 7-8 minutes. Finally, if you see an increase in total pages viewed, that means people want to learn more about your brand and/or what you have to offer.

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