Monday, May 29, 2017

Top Reasons to attend boarding school

1) Building lifelong relationships:

The people you meet at boarding school will quickly become friends for life. Living in dorms, studying together and supporting each other forges friendships that are strong enough to withstand anything. These classmates are more than your peers; they’re your family.

2) Safely flexing your independence:

Setting out on your own is never easy. Being away from family can be a trying experience for anyone, especially when you’re expected to balance your own personal and schooling life at the same time. Boarding school is an opportunity to gain independence in a safe environment filled with a dedicated staff that wants to see you succeed.

3) Self-improvement:

Gaining a sense of independence is one thing, but adapting it to a mature lifestyle is another entirely. Boarding school provides a warm setting for students to learn skills like self-motivation and time management as they grow into adulthood. The staff is excited to see everyone succeed, especially under the weight of their own merit.

4) A boarding school campus that feels like home:

Between the friendships that will last a lifetime and educators that are excited to greet their students, the campus will often feel like a second home. Over time the dorms, dining hall, and classrooms will hold memories as vivid and cherished as those of gathering around your own family’s kitchen table. And of course, parents are only a phone call away when nothing else will do.

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5) Smaller class sizes:

Gone are the days of 30 students crammed into a single classroom, making teaching more difficult for the staff and the learning experience less personal for everyone. Boarding schools offer class sizes of roughly 15 students on average, allowing teachers and students to build a personal relationship with one another as they spend time together in the classroom.
6) Supporting educators:

Which brings us to our next point: the staff. Educators and boarding schools live on campus, joining their pupils in the dining hall for meals and rooting for the home team alongside the rest of the community. These are educators that go beyond the traditional roles of a teacher and can become mentors for their students.

7) Diverse and valued athletic programs:

Many best residential schools in Hyderabad schools offer a variety of sports that are often neglected. With a large selection and a dedication athletic living, students will gain the motivation and team-focus that is so applicable in other areas of life.

8) Classes that will challenge you:

Make no mistake, the classes at boarding schools are intended to push students to be their very best. The reward is knowing that these classes will help to craft young minds that are flexible in a variety of subjects and fully prepared for the world as they reach adulthood.

9) Classmates who are invested in their success:

Nothing helps you stay on track more easily than being surrounded by people who are dedicated to being successful. The students who attend boarding school are hard-working, committed and on-track to using their schooling experience to vault them into the university program of their choosing.

10) A school that’s invested in its own success:

Boarding schools don’t scoff at the importance of a proper education. Whether it's their highly-trained staff, well-maintained campus or the use of the latest in computing technology, residential schools in Hyderabad schools understand that the value of education is built on a solid foundation of care and respect for a school’s own facilities.

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