Thursday, May 25, 2017

How can you cope up with your hair loss?

Losing your hair is completely normal. In general, people shed up to 100 hairs a day. However, for some people, hair loss is much more serious and it is affecting a growing number of women under 40!

When you take the most common type of hair loss, it can be triggered by life changing events like a bereavement or pregnancy, moving home, leading to overall thinning of your hair. The number of women asking for advice about hair loss has actually doubled over the last decade. Also, there is a marked increase in younger women, age between 18 and 40.

If you have found clumps of hair or noticed gradual thinning on the bathroom floor it can certainly come as a shock. However, do not panic, most of the time it’s a temporary manifestation of your emotional or physical well-being.

Thanks to Keshyog hair fall treatment. It can not only prevent hair fall but also make your hair strong and shiny!

Causes of Hair loss:

Hair loss is a skin condition:

It is not, in fact, contagious or infectious. Hair loss can also be mild you can figure out where the subtle thinning occurs. Also, you can check for the more serious disease that involves the total loss of scalp as well as body hair.

The other most common cause of hair loss is pregnancy. However, this can be stopped while 1 to 4 months after the birth of your baby, but you have to ensure that you are not under these common causes

  • Eating disorders
  • Poor nutrition
  • Drugs
  • Stress

In general, with most of these, hair loss is quite temporary as well as it can be helped with Keshyog hair growth oil.

Why Hair loss?

If your nutrient levels are low it can be expressed through your hair. The hair follicles are rooted in the scalp and they need to be surrounded by a rich supply of blood in order to make sure they are effectively nourished.

Hair loss also represents low mineral status, especially lack of zinc, calcium, sodium, selenium, and potassium

Usually, faddy diets result in iron deficiency. The avoidance of red meat is also one of the reasons behind it. Vegans who are low in zinc and vitamin B12 could be prone to hair loss. For those people, it is absolutely fine to adopt Keshyog hair fall treatment.

Myths and Facts about hair loss:


  • Female hair loss causes an abnormal menstrual cycle.
  • Hair loss is inherited from the male parent.
  • Hair loss only happens to women over 50.
  • Hair dye, hair spray, and washing hair increase hair loss.


  • Menstruation is not affected by hair loss.
  • Hair styling and dying do not cause hair loss.
  • Both parents genes contribute to hair loss.
  • Fifty per cent of women from 18 to 40 will experience hair loss

How to prevent it?

Every doctor has their own theories on how to treat hair loss. However, the success of treatment depends on the person. For most of the women, hair grows back when they take right to remedy such as Keshyog hair growth oil.

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