Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Crucial features of an attendance management system

Most of the time Leave management system can be an afterthought in many companies. Few still use a paper-based system, and others just mark the day in their calendar, perhaps. This practice does bring to mind a lot of questions when it is asked from the employee’s point of view especially.

Applying for leave can sometimes be a distressing trial for employees since they don't know whether leave will be without a doubt, regardless of whether they have connected on time or regardless of the possibility that they will get an answer on time to make their arrangements. Frequently pursuing bosses for an answer on leave is additionally awkward and does not assist with the working environment.

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When assessing leave frameworks accessible available, one would take a gander at the management includes as well as contemplate the convenience for the employees. Here are the main eight components to pay special mind to that could make this regulatory procedure less demanding:

Ease of use:

if your leave management software is available online through any web browser, then your employees can easily apply for leave as well as check their leave balances without wasting their time at work. The user ought to be able to see their balances just by looking at the leave calendar and then apply for leave in a few clicks. This system ought to be simple to use and intuitive.

Information visibility:

Just by knowing how many days of leaving an employee is entitled to as well as how many days are remaining means that a person can plan their leave hassle free without chasing the HR department for related information.

Organization rules:

When you opt for a good leave management system, it will be able to cater for stop-leave, minimum and shutdown working personnel in particular teams. This also automates a huge part of the approval process as the non-conforming requests are simply stopped at the application stage, which makes things clearer for your employee and even straightforward for the management.

Who is away?

Probably, this is the most vital piece of information which both management as well as employees should have at hand before applying or approving leaves. Because it completely makes sense for an employee to know who is on leave already from their department even before applying. The same is true for the approved as well.

Data integrity:

When dealing with the larger organizations especially, it is crucial that the attendance management system has an audit log that is comprehensive and covers all the actions on the system made by all your users. If there is any perplexity about a sequence of events or a transaction, you would absolutely want to know who did when and what, with minimal effort.

The design for leave management software will be done only after a serious analysis of the market requirements for small, medium as well as larger businesses or organizations. It is also coming as a cloud solution and therefore offered as a software as a service platform.

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