Friday, May 26, 2017

Background of Sporotrichosis Fungal Infection – Causes, Symptoms, & Medical Care

Sporotrichosis is an infection caused by a fungus called Sporothrix schenckii. It is most closely related to the fungus which is the mold that grows on stale bread and it is related more closely to the yeast used to brew beer than the infection causing bacteria. This mold is found in soil, hay, moss and the thorns of roses. It is mostly seen in gardeners, people that work with nursery plants, farmers and people that work with hay and soil. After the spores of the mold enter the skin, it takes a long duration of time for the disease to develop.
Causes of Sporotrichosis:
This begins after the mold spores have been forced under the skin by the contact of a thorn from a rose or due to a sharp stick, this is not the only way the bacteria can enter into the body as it can also enter through the cracks of the skin that are already present so they may have to be careful after they come into contact with either moss or hay and the chances are very rare but they can be transported by animals such as cats and transmitted. The best dermatologist in Hyderabad can help identify the problem. Usually, the other way that the fungus infects is through the inhalation or digestion, causing the infection to spread to different parts of the body. But the positive aspect about this infection is that it is not contagious hence making it not possible to transmit from one person to another person.
Symptoms of Sporotrichosis:
Initial symptoms of this infection are usually a firm swelling on the skin, the swellings color may range from light pink to dark purple being painless or mildly painful. If left unchecked, it may become an open sore that drains clear fluid and it may become chronic or if possible it may also remain unchanged without any issues. This can be identified by the best dermatologist in Hyderabad.
More than half of the cases that are seen, the mold spreads to the lymph nodes. These tend to form new ulcers and tend to spread in the infected area like the arms and the legs can get infected and they usually tend to last long durations of time such as years on end.
And in very few cases that occur rarely, the infection may also spread to other parts of the body and affect internal organs such as the bones, joints lungs, and brain. These are intended to weaken the immune system, making it difficult to treat, causing it to be life threatening.
When to Seek Medical Care for Sporotrichosis:
If the symptoms are evident in the person then consultation of a dermatologist in Hyderabad should be immediate and further measures for diagnosis and treatment should be done. And if the person is already being treated and new sores start showing up then please consult your doctor immediately
Even though this may not be life threatening, proper medical care should be taken, if the lymph nodes are seen. A condition called cellulite occurs when open ulcers are infected with the bacteria. And if a constant growth of pain and soreness is seen around the ulcer with a warmness to it, please contact a dermatologist in Hyderabad immediately.

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