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What role do schools play in developing a child’s character?

A school is a place where many people can spend a great deal of their life. Consequently, teachers have a big responsibility as they play the major role in shaping children’s characters. Is school more essential for a young mind than parents or relatives?

One point in favor of the role of schools is that it is the school where children can first learn to socialize. They can meet new friends here and they can try to establish their position in a group. The first day in a new class is a very stressful and memorable moment.

What is more, the average child can spend as many as eight-nine hours a day at school, which means that they can spend more time with peers and teachers than with parents or else siblings. They are already tired when they get home and, consequently, have very little contact with mom or dad. There are few best residential schools in Hyderabad which have best knowledge students.

An additional thing in support of the school is that young people are more exposed to a wide variety of language subjects. Schools are for them a rich source of information about nature, world, history, and its phenomena. Apart from scientific knowledge children can also gain more practical skills or take benefits of the opportunity to practice all sports. Some young people may become famous or get a grant thanks to school’s help and support.
This can create a bond between them and this institution. On the other hand, most of the children have few closer relationships with their parents than with the teachers. First years of human life are most essential for one’s personality and character and the person that can take care of you in those early moments are your mother.
Furthermore, children can usually spend few years of their lives at home before they go to school. Hence, at the age of six-seven, they are not like white boards on which you can also write whatever you want.

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Moreover, so much of the school day is generally devoted to competition and preparation for examinations that there is little time left for more personality development. You experience lots of stress connected with the end of term tests and assessments and an owing to this fact many teenagers also regard teachers as their enemies.

It is true that schools have a great influence on young people. However, we cannot forget that both the teachers and parents play a role in shaping children’s character and sometimes some completely different for factors like tragic events or moving house appear to be crucial.

There are few best residential schools in Hyderabad that have an essential role to play in encouraging their students to take a part in few activities that take them out of their comfort zone. This can also offer huge potential for enriching school life in many unexpected ways.

In Residential schools in Hyderabad, students could also be encouraged to interact with different groups of people, both the inside and outside of school - the sixth formers could help school students lower down the school in maths, run homework sessions or organize fundraising events for local charities.

Ultimately, a child will know a new activity is for them, but there might be more value in discovering this than a simply acquiring the skill itself. Apart from schools, there are some residential schools in Hyderabad that play a major role in schooling students life.

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