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What role do schools play in developing a child’s character?

A school is a place where many people can spend a great deal of their life. Consequently, teachers have a big responsibility as they play the major role in shaping children’s characters. Is school more essential for a young mind than parents or relatives?

One point in favor of the role of schools is that it is the school where children can first learn to socialize. They can meet new friends here and they can try to establish their position in a group. The first day in a new class is a very stressful and memorable moment.

What is more, the average child can spend as many as eight-nine hours a day at school, which means that they can spend more time with peers and teachers than with parents or else siblings. They are already tired when they get home and, consequently, have very little contact with mom or dad. There are few best residential schools in Hyderabad which have best knowledge students.

An additional thing in support of the school is that young people are more exposed to a wide variety of language subjects. Schools are for them a rich source of information about nature, world, history, and its phenomena. Apart from scientific knowledge children can also gain more practical skills or take benefits of the opportunity to practice all sports. Some young people may become famous or get a grant thanks to school’s help and support.
This can create a bond between them and this institution. On the other hand, most of the children have few closer relationships with their parents than with the teachers. First years of human life are most essential for one’s personality and character and the person that can take care of you in those early moments are your mother.
Furthermore, children can usually spend few years of their lives at home before they go to school. Hence, at the age of six-seven, they are not like white boards on which you can also write whatever you want.

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Moreover, so much of the school day is generally devoted to competition and preparation for examinations that there is little time left for more personality development. You experience lots of stress connected with the end of term tests and assessments and an owing to this fact many teenagers also regard teachers as their enemies.

It is true that schools have a great influence on young people. However, we cannot forget that both the teachers and parents play a role in shaping children’s character and sometimes some completely different for factors like tragic events or moving house appear to be crucial.

There are few best residential schools in Hyderabad that have an essential role to play in encouraging their students to take a part in few activities that take them out of their comfort zone. This can also offer huge potential for enriching school life in many unexpected ways.

In Residential schools in Hyderabad, students could also be encouraged to interact with different groups of people, both the inside and outside of school - the sixth formers could help school students lower down the school in maths, run homework sessions or organize fundraising events for local charities.

Ultimately, a child will know a new activity is for them, but there might be more value in discovering this than a simply acquiring the skill itself. Apart from schools, there are some residential schools in Hyderabad that play a major role in schooling students life.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Clean Your Mattress

We all want our home clean and fresh, but we forget about our beds or our mattress. Not many of us think about the hygiene involved around our mattresses. The best place for bugs and bacteria to attack could be the bed mattress as we sleep on it every day.

The dust and bugs on the bed mattress can cause severe allergies or infections. It can worsen the situation if someone has Asthmatic conditions. The dust mites excrete twice the amount of the body weight every day. Even after knowing this would you want to go and sleep on your bed again without cleaning it? In fact, the bug infestation has been linked with psychological effects which can be even scary to think. Let it be a normal brand or the good mattress brands, all the mattresses need to be taken care of.

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The Recommended Way To Clean Up Your Mattress:

Even if you have the best mattress brands used on your beds, you need to clean them to keep yourself away from all health worries.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Anyone can easily remove the bedding and use the vacuum cleaner to clean the top and sides of the mattress. This is really helpful if you’re trying to clean off the dust from your mattress. This process should be at least done once every month to see good results.

Garment Steamer:

This is one of the best ways to clean your mattress. It helps in cleansing by killing the bugs and bacterias. You should perform this method after cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, so this method should also be done once every month. First, go through the manufacturer's manuals or care instructions, because sometimes the surface of the mattress can be ruined if the material is not supposed to be cleansed in such a way.

Cleaning Up After Pets:

If you have any pets, it is suggested to ensure that the mattresses are cleaned regularly. The pets spend time outside and can bring dirt or bacteria from outside into the home, and bring it into the bed when you’re playing or cuddling with them in bed. If there are any stains left by the pets on the bed, you are recommended to use an upholstery cleaner for cleaning the mattress. You can also use an odor remover or air freshener. After cleaning the mattress, let it dry completely and wait for all the germs and bacteria to be killed.

Cleaning The Mold and Mildew:

The other major part of the mattress which should be cleaned is the removal of mold and mildew which can be a bit of a problem too, for effectively removing the mold and mildew you can keep the mattresses out in sunlight for hours or for a whole day to get the natural cleansing of the mattress.

If you don’t want any problem at all and doesn’t want to take any risk with the mattress bacteria or dust then we recommend you to follow these steps to clean your mattress once every month. Or you can also consider hiring the mattress cleaning experts to keep your sleeping place clean.

Monday, March 20, 2017

What Do All Statutory Compliances Include? - A Guide For HRs

As an HR online Professional Statutory Compliances must be followed in any organization. No matter how big is an organization, none of the owners are blessed with the freedom of not fulfilling the statutory compliance. It is the responsibility of an organization to fulfill the statutory requirements and it is necessary for them to stay updated with changing laws.

Ultimately, this becomes the burden for HR solutions. They’ve to put a substantial amount of efforts in fulfilling these statutory compliances. Let’s learn more about major statutory requirements that come under the “must” category for any organization.

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1. Provident Fund - PF:

The Employees’ provident Fund 1952 is enacted to provide a sort of social security to the industrial workers. This Act is applicable to all the employees who are employed in a factory or in connection with the work of a factory or any other organizations covered by the schemes other than an ostracized employee is entitled are required to become a member of the fund from the DOJ the organization or factory.

The amount will be later paid to the employees after their retirement or death or any such cases if the employee is unable to work. Contributions under this scheme:

  • Employees: 12% on Basic + DA
  • Employer : 3.67% on Basic + DA, Administrative Charges: 1.10% on Basic +DA 31 Jan 2015, 8.33% on Basic + DA

2. Employee State Insurance Company - ESIC:

ESIC is a health insurance scheme and self-financing security for all Indian workers. The employee contributes 1.75 % with a total contribution of 6.5 % and the employer contributes 4.75 % for the employees who are earning 15000 or less per month. ESIC provides medical benefit for employees as well as their families, maternity and sickness benefits. ESIC also provides dependents benefit for dependents in case of death because of employment injury.

Forms to be used under this scheme:

Form No. 1, Form No. 1B, Form No. 72, Form MRO 266, Form No.6, Form 37

3. Profession Tax:

Profession tax is charged by the state government of India. Indians whose income in the form of salary or any other profession has to pay profession tax. This differs from state to state in India.The business owner has to furnish a return to tax department within a specific time and in the prescribed format. The return should include tax payment proof. But, not all state foist tax.

List of states which have levied Professional tax:

West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, TamilNadu, Gujarat, Assam, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Meghalaya, Bihar, Tripura, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

4. Gratuity:

It is a part of salary received by employees from their employers as a gratitude for the services during their employment tenure. It is one of the retirement benefits that employers gives their employees while leaving the company. The maximum amount payable is Rs. 10,00,000.

Payment of Gratuity

Continuous service of 5yrs (not necessary in case of death or disablement)
Resignation, disablement due to accident or disease or death
In the case of death, the amount will be paid to legal heir or nominee.
On termination due to retirement or superannuation
Gratuity calculation - Monthly rate of wage last drawn X 15

5. The Minimum Wages Act 1948

This Act sets the limits on how much wages to be paid to the high skilled, skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled labors. The minimum wages vary state to state and it keeps on updating every 6 months depending upon the state policy. The records to be maintained under (sec. 18) and the Registers should contain the following factors

Particulars of employed persons and the work performed by them
The wages paid and the receipts given by them.

6. The Maternity Benefit Act 1961:

It aims to protect the dignity of motherhood and of the new person by providing healthy maintenance of women and the child during the maternity time. Especially, when she is not working. This regulates the employment of women in the organizations before and after childbirth. It also provides maternity benefit and certain other benefits.

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Maternity Benefit Eligibility:

Must work in an organization for 80 days in a year before her date of Delivery.
Women who are earning less than 15,000 aren’t eligible for maternity benefit. However, they may be offered ESI scheme by their employer.

7. Payment Of Bonus Act 1965:

Aims at providing the bonus to employees of particular organizations, as a part of productivity or production or profit and also for the connection with employees. If an employee receives the salary up to 10,000 per month and engaged in any kind of work whether high skilled, skilled, unskilled or supervisory etc. is entitled to this bonus for the accounting year if he has worked for minimum 30 working days.

Minimum Bonus

For every accounting, year is 8.33 % of the salary paid by the employer
Rs 60 in case of employees below 15 years
Rs. 100 in case of employees above 15 years

Maximum Bonus

  • The Maximum Bonus payable is 205 of the salary for that accounting year.
  • Time Limit: The bonus should be paid in cash within 8 months from the close of the accounting year.

8. Payment of Wages Act 1936:

Aims at avoiding unnecessary delay or hinder of payment of wages without any deduction from the wages.

The Applicability of the Act:

  • Any factory such as a saw mill, godowns, ginning factory, yards and so on... as defined in Factories Act, 1948.
  • Air transport service Dock, Inland vessel, Wharf or Jetty, mechanically propelled
  • Motor transport service engaged in carrying passengers or tramway service or good or both by road for hire or reward.
  • Workshop or another establishment etc.
  • Mine, quarry or oil-field plantation

9. Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923

It intends in providing financial protection to employees and their dependents as compensation, in the case of accidental injury.
Employer’s Liability

  • Death
  • Permanent partial disablement
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Temporary disablement whether total or partial
  • Occupational disease

HR solutions should stay updated with the changes in these mentioned acts, and fulfill the requirement for compliance. The statutory requirement is an integral part of the payment process. Hence it certainly has to be automated.

An automated payroll system can carry out smooth functioning, without any inconvenience to the HR online, ultimately reducing the burden.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Bollywood Actresses In Different Styles Of Kurtis

The term Kurti has originated from the word Kurta which is a Persian word. Today, a large number of women in India have started wearing Kurtis in different styles, designs, and colors. There is a wide collection of designer Kurtis online. There are many Bollywood actresses who have started wearing Kurtis also, so you can buy Kurtis online if you liked any of the Bollywood's Kurti style.

Kurti With Jeans:

Deepika Padukone wears this Kurti on jeans, which is the most popular style among the college girls. She wears a cotton short Kurti with jeans. If you’re are a college girl then wear hand accessories with this combination it will give you a casual look and if you’re a working professional don’t worry wearing the simple Kurti with jeans will surely give you a professional look! buy Kurtis online now to get the best look.

Kurti With Leggings:

A pair of Kurtis with leggings is an advantage for all the college girls and even the working women. This style is ideal for traveling, pregnancy, or even wearing it to an office to be a very comfortable whole day. But Parineeti Chopra takes this style to another level by wearing it at an international film festival. Get the best designer Kurtis online India to rock such styles on different occasions.

Kurti With Capri:

The combination of wearing Kurti with Capri looks very stylish and it can be flaunting during the summers. This style is mostly followed in summer for outings, beach parties etc. keep in mind when you’re going to pair the Kurti with Capri then the Kurti must be short. Kareena Kapoor wears the Kurti with Capri perfectly.

Kurti With Skirt:

Long skirts are quite in fashion these days and teaming it up with a Kurti is really a great idea. Young girls adore to wear the skirts to parties or colleges, now you can give them skirts a desi look! Like most of our Bollywood actresses, to give an uber stylish statement wear a printed Kurti with a plain skirt or vice Versa with a scarf or stole.

Kurti With Palazzo:

While the palazzo is very graceful and stylish, it is one of the trending style wearing a Kurti with a palazzo! It gives you a glamorous look, this style is usually ideal for parties, casual outings, shoppings, traveling etc.

Take some inspiration from our Bollywood divas on pairing up the Kurtis with differents style to rock all occasions or parties.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Salient Features of Indian Constitution

is very important for the candidates who aspires to crack the SSC CGL exam to have a general knowledge, knowledge about current affairs, and basic knowledge about the Indian Constitutions. There are many websites which provide the online test series for SSC cgl 2016 so that candidates can take the test series online to prepare for the exam.

The cgl test series includes the real examination like a test with the same duration and marking to help the students in practicing the exam to tackle the difficulties and manage the time. Many students have considered taking online test series for SSC cgl 2016 and have seen good results.

The Salient Features Of Indian Constitution:

The Indian Constitution has 12 Schedules and 395 Articles. It was framed by the Constituent Assembly which was established in 1946 for the purpose. The Indian Constitution is the lengthiest constitution in the world and no other constitution in the world contains as many articles. The constitution of USA has only 7 Articles, China has 138, Japanese has 103 and Canadian has 107 Articles.

India is a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic and Republic State:

The Constitution declares India to be a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic, Republic.
  • The Sovereign means absolutely independent, which is not under the control of any state.
  • Socialist involves the system which will endeavor to avoid the concentration of wealth in a few hands and it will assure its equitable in distribution. It also implies that the India is against exploitation in all forms and beliefs of economic justice to all its citizens.
  • The Secular means that there is no state religion in India. Every citizen is free to follow any religion of his/her own choice. The state cannot discriminate among its citizens on basis of religion.
  • The Democratic means that power of the government is entrusted in the hands of the people, people exercise the power through their elected representatives who are the responsible to them. All citizens enjoy the equal political rights.
  • The Republic means that head of the state is not a hereditary monarch.
Federal Government: The Indian Constitution provides for the federal form of the government. Which means in a federation, there is two type of governments- one at the central level and one at the state level. The powers of government are divided between the central government and the state government.
Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties: The Fundamental Rights and The Fundamental Duties are the most important characteristics of Indian Constitution. The Fundamental Rights are considered to be an essential for a proper, moral and material uplift of the people. These are the rights which are fundamental in the sense that any law passed by the legislature in a country would be declared as null and void. If it is derogatory to rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.
The Parliamentary Government: The Indian Constitution provides the parliamentary form of the government. President is the nominal head of state. The government is run by Prime Minister and other members of the council of Ministers. The council of the Ministers is collectively responsible to Parliament.
The Single Citizenship: In the federation, normally we have the double citizenship. In U.S.A every citizen of the United States of America is also a citizen of a state in which they reside. But the Indian Constitution provides single citizenship to the every Indian.
The Independent Judiciary: The Indian Constitution provides an independent judiciary. The judiciary has been made an independent of Executive as well as Legislature. The judges can give impartial justice.

So these were the basics of Indian Constitution required for any aspiring candidate, the candidates can refer to cgl test series online to prepare for the SSC CGL Examination.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Obligatory Things For Planning A Wedding

Now you can cover all your wedding plan in the best way based on the tips given by the top wedding planners. There are things which are good to know about while you’re planning your wedding, then there are things you need to know about. As wedding is the most special event in any one’s life, we are glad to share some obligatory planning secrets followed by the top wedding party planner.

Keep Track Of Your Guests:

The top marriage event management companies suggest that you should first keep the count of the guests going to be invited to the function and the estimation of the expected guests visiting the function. This will definitely help you in deciding the space for the venue, food, deciding the number of dining tables will be required, chair etc.

Mark out The Wedding Date:

Try to check the other occasions before marking out your wedding day, make sure that the upcoming conference, charity walk, local events, or any festival is not arriving on the same day as your wedding day because this could effect on people to come to your weddings or the traffic excuses or the unavailability of the rooms at the hotel etc.

Accurate Weather:

It is very important to plan your wedding on the reasonable weather because if your wedding tent is too hot to handle then the guests might leave early or if the location is too open in the winter days which is freezing everyone then the guests might be loving to go back to their homes and hide under the blankets. So make sure that the weather is reasonable so that the guests will be loving to spend more time in your function.

Check Your Credit Card:

Take advantage of the rewards provided by using your credit card. Sign up for a credit card which provides you rewards on shopping so that you can shift all your wedding shopping on that card and get rewards on it. And then you can accumulate these rewards on other expenses.

Alter Your Guest List:

The easiest way to reduce your wedding budget is cutting down your guest list with unimportant people. The wedding is your special day so try to invite the people who are really close to you rather than inviting each of your contacts. Almost half of your expenses will go to dining your guests so if you cut the list of the guests you can also save the money.


Try to request for discounts from the vendors or the photographers making them sure that you will likely to give them all the possible events of yours in the future to them. Or try to ask them to give them extra service in the same charges which will be a cherry on the cake for your wedding.

Well! Now that you have learned few obligatory things for planning a wedding, we hope that your wedding will come up to your expectations and it will turn out to be an event which people will remember their whole life.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Here are the reasons to get prebiotics in your diet

Most people are aware by now that few foods that offer dietary fiber and probiotics have a long list of health benefits. While probiotic foods are important for belly or stomach health and overall well-being, prebiotics help “feed” probiotics. By pairing them together, you can also achieve an even better result.

1. Better Gut Health and Improved Digestion:

Prebiotics wind up by stimulating the growth of useful bacteria that colonize our gut microflora. Since they act as food for probiotics, prebiotic compounds also help too- balance harmful bacteria and toxins living in the digestive tract, which has numerous health implications, by including improving digestion.

Changes in the belly microbiota composition that are classically considered as one of the many factors involved in the development of either the bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome. A report published, that states prebiotics, along with probiotics, can help treat many digestive problems.

2. Enhanced Immune Function and Cancer Protection:

A large number of human intervention studies that have demonstrated few dietary consumption of certain prebiotic-containing food products that can result in statistically significant changes in the composition of the gut microbiota which help improve immunity. The “prebiotic effect” has been associated with modulation of few biomarkers and activities of an immune system, including a reduction of the concentration of cancer-promoting enzymes and putrefactive (bacterial) metabolites in the gut.

Probiotic capsules India also helps to “improve stool quality that is frequency and consistency, reduces the risk of gastroenteritis and infections, improves general well-being and reduces allergic symptoms,” according to a report in a Journal of Nutrition. Prebiotics and probiotics boost immunity because they enhance our ability to absorb important nutrients and trace minerals from the foods that we eat. They also effectively help to lower the pH in the gut, which inhibits the growth of potential pathogens or damaging bacteria. Research has shown a lot of promise for the immune system–boosting benefits of prebiotics and probiotics consumed together.

3. Lower Inflammation:

Prebiotic and probiotic capsules can help lower inflammation, which is one of the root causes of diseases, including our nation’s number one killer called heart disease. People consuming more prebiotics, and in general eating, a high-fiber diet, tend to have healthier cholesterol levels and the lower risk markers for any cardiovascular diseases.

It’s believed that prebiotics and prebiotic and probiotic capsules contribute to improvements in metabolic processes that are tied to both obesity and type-2 diabetes. It also appears that a healthier belly environment turns off autoimmune reactions, helps the body metabolize nutrients including fats, and modulates hormonal and immune functions that control how and where the body stores fats.

4. Reduced Risk for Heart Disease:

Consuming foods which are high in probiotic capsules India can reduce glycation, which increases free radicals, triggers inflammation and lowers insulin resistance.

Prebiotics also called hypocholesterolemic effect, improving the body’s ability to prevent ischemic heart diseases and autoimmune diseases (like arthritis, for example). Another advantage is that they balance the body’s electrolyte and mineral levels, including potassium and sodium, which are responsible for controlling blood pressure.