Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Significance of gifting flowers

Flowers have been used for a long time to convey our innermost feelings. When you say it with flowers, you have a good chance of declaring your undying love as well as devotion to the man or woman of your dreams. Nowadays it is common to gift flowers for birthdays, Valentine’s day, or anniversaries.

But did anyone say we only have to gift flowers for any obvious occasions? Instead, go for online bookey delivery and surprise your dream date or partner with flowers when they least expect it. In addition to that, try to be different. Never ever keep giving the same flowers. It might be boring, so be unique!

Due to online delivery of flowers now it is easier to gift flowers to your loved ones no matter where you are. Let us explore the message you are sending based on the type and color of flowers you choose.
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Roses come in plenty of colors and variations. They’re a popular choice to start your romantic feelings and you would have to be hard-pressed to find your dream woman who doesn’t like to be romanced with roses. But a rose is not a rose unless you decipher the meaning of its colors.

  • White - White roses will declare your eternal love for your dream girl. They not only convey the message that she is worthy but also it will show her your respect as an equal. If your love is strong and pure then white roses are a great choice of gift for the girl!
  • Red - Who doesn’t know this? Red roses are the universal language of love. It directly states - I love you if you are giving it to your ladylove. It also speaks of passion and desire.
  • Yellow - These roses are associated with friendship as well as jealousy. In the end, the meaning is delivered through the context in which you gift the rose to a lady.
  • Pink - They are the sign of eternal happiness.
  • Red & White - When these 2 colors given together, they demonstrate togetherness and unity.So if you’re in a long distance relationship then this is the right choice of gift to your better half! What are you waiting for? It for an online bookey delivery now!


Orchids are exquisite and mystical. If you want to show your ladylove just how special she is, then orchids are the best choice. You can choose from around 20,000 different types of orchids. Amazing, right?


Without a doubt, lilies are a wonderful, stately flower and often given in fantasy. They carry a mysterious air and they go beyond the choice of usual flowers when it comes to the matters of the heart. So, if you want to be a little more sophisticated, then it is good to consider giving a whole bunch of a liles to your lover. Lilies are not only associated with funerals but also they are a very good way to say I love you to your special. If you far away form your love then you can opt for online delivery of flowers.

  • Orange - They show passion and desire.
  • Peruvian lilies - They represent friendship and devotion.
  • White - White Lilies declare unconditional love. It’s like you mean the world to your partner.
  • Yellow - Giving a yellow lily can demonstrate feelings of gay love.

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