Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DevOps and Its Growing Importance!

In this article, we will go through What is DevOps and its growing importance in today’s world. The companies are looking for a software that works wherever there, which means they are looking for software which can work on both mobile device or a desktop so it will be easier for them to bring out the operations from wherever they are at the moment. IT must return to these demands quickly with a solution. The DevOps allows the organizations to produce and release high-quality code in a better and faster way.

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The DevOp is a culture and a skillset, some even refer to it as a philosophy. The organizations use lean and agile methodologies to bring the IT operations, development teams, and quality assurance teams together through the software to create a software which is faster and in a continuous manner. This pretty explains What is Devops, let’s go further in this to understand the growing importance of DevOps.

A recent report on DevOps which surveyed nearly 9200 respondents from 110 countries states that:
  • The traditional Ops are overall 41% more time-consuming.
  • Traditional Ops spends 21% more time in putting out files.
  • DevOps spends 33% more time on infrastructure improvements.
  • Organizations using DevOps see performance benefits and significant gains.
  • Longer the DevOps methods used by the organization the higher the IT performs.

Finding the people with this skill is becoming more and more difficult. This is because there isn’t a clear career path yet for the new talent follow. Most of the DevOps professionals comes through the infrastructure technology because of its heavy dependence on the scripting and configuration management. And the QA analysts also ends up in DevOps as well. While there are number institutes which provide DevOps online training, the engineers who are working in IT can be a better choice for DevOps.
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According to a study by Eureka, there has been an increase in job listings in DevOps by 75%, the experts say that the strong collaboration and adaptability are more in needed. Apart from getting the training from Devops online training, the DevOps role requires interpersonal, communication skills, and collaboration skills. A successful candidate must have the experience in software development as well as operations, and soft skills. DevOps is not something which you can just decide to do and start doing it. It requires a culture change and a breaking down of functioning silos from the IT organizations.

There's not a single path to DevOps, it’s hard to give a book for you to understand how can you implement it. It is safe to say that you should start yourself about learning it’s values, principles, practices and methods of DevOps. And try to spread it via the channel which you think is most effective. Many people will tell about the things which can rise success to your organization, but those are the things which can be wished rather than the reality. The DevOps is more like Big Data, it requires in depth of learning and understanding, the collaborations with fellow mates is also another key characteristic in order to implement the DevOps to your organization.

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