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Common symptoms of liver damage

The liver is an integral part of the human body and a life-saving organ. The function of the liver includes cleaning the blood, digesting food particles and fights against harmful diseases. It has been termed as ‘ life-saving organ’ because it can regenerate itself upon damage by replacing the old tissue by producing new cells. The liver is the largest organ in the body and allotted some powerful functions like filtering out the toxins. However, the liver can get permanently damaged due to excessive consumption of alcohol and other harmful products. While these extreme cases can be prevented by early diagnosis at the best liver hospital in Hyderabad.

Similar to many diseases,  it is difficult to notice any symptoms of liver disease in the early stage. When the scarring continues and a functioning process begins to decline. You will be noticing some physical changes in specific parts of your body and will experience more discomfort from head to toe.

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Abdominal Swelling:

This condition of swelling may result in a condition referred as ascites, where the liver fails to balance the levels of proteins and other compounds.  Bulk amounts of fluids will be generated in the tissue. Potbelly is noticed in patients suffering from this condition and also signals cirrhosis. You may notice huge swellings in the hands, feet, and ankles.

Fatigue and Weakness:

Never neglect fatigue and lethargy as a normal side effect, but the severe conditions lead to low oxygen levels in the blood and result in accumulation of waste in the body. Visit the best liver hospital in India in the case of extreme problems and find aid to prevent in the initial stage.

Loss of Appetite:

Nausea is the condition where people get disinterested in food and doesn't feel hungry. Due to less consumption of food, it may result in severe weight loss. This is early symptoms which can be easily identified.  In addition to that, during initial stages of hepatitis patients often experience flu-like symptoms and digestive discomfort.
As the liver damage progress,  you may notice more  advanced symptoms  like feeling  pain in certain areas and notices drastic changes in appearance


This symptom represents a very serious condition which may lead to extremities if neglected.  When the function of liver declines and loses the ability to eliminate the waste. During this condition, Bile Pigment in the liver produces bilirubin which is been pumped into the bloodstream.

As a result skin and eyes turn into yellowish color, where urine will appear darker, and stools will appear lighter. It takes a long time to get rid of jaundice while the best liver hospital in India may help you with the best outcome.

Spotting the symptoms at an early stage is crucial for an effective treatment of liver damage. There are several tests available at best liver hospital in Hyderabad which can quickly determine the extent of your liver damage and plan a right course of medication to prevent the liver damage at the initial stage itself. sooner you prevent the advancement of liver damage, the more healthy tissue you can save, and the increase the chances of regeneration.

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