Monday, January 2, 2017

Types of case creation and handling parameters on an Ideal CRM

The CRM we use for Customer Support Automation is often called as help desk software or service desk software or customer support tool or Case Management System or Trouble Ticket System. Whatever may be the nomenclature, at the end it's all about Customer Support Automation. In this article, we have discussed how you can integrate CRM Case Management features into a  help desk software or service desk software or Trouble Ticket System. By describing the case creation and handling parameters on an Ideal best service desk software.
An ideal CRM provides Cases and Email Modules to handle Customer Support Automation. You can easily change the “Cases” module name to “Issues” or “Tickets” or “Trouble Tickets” or “Service Requests” depending on your requirements. On your existing best service desk software, you will just take a minute to configure tasks and to change “Cases” module to whatever you want across the board.
Case / Ticket Management:
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The customer service email software can also be customized to capture all the information about the issue or any complaint a customer has. Whenever a new record is created in the module, it automatically numbers and timestamps the complaint so that it can be tracked on how much time it took to close the Case. The life cycle of this complaint is managed with the Status starting from “new” to “Closed”. Customer Support is all about what happens from the minute a customer has complained about his or her problem/issue till that is resolved by the customer support team.
Case Creation:
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Cases can be created by the support team’s members manually as soon as they receive an email or phone call. Or as and when any employee receives this information through a ticket. But the main things is how do we automate this process so that there is no requirement by the customer to connect with the company to raise a complaint.
Creation of Cases through Email:
Most CRM’s can be configured to capture all emails coming to a common email id like All emails can be captured automatically in customer service email software and the moment an email has received the system it is configured to create a Case / Ticket. It can also be configured in such a way that they are manually created after an executive sees the customer’s email.
Creation of Cases from a website:
One can create a small case creation form on their website that uses CRM Web Services API to create a case directly in CRM. This way the customer can register his complaint anytime of the day by email or the website form.
Allocation of Cases:
The cases can also be allocated to the customer support/service team manually or automatically depending on your requirement. A company can decide whether to manually allocate it in the initial stages of implementing the CRM for your Customer Support and then switch it to auto allocation and implement it later on.

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