Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Express the feelings of your loved one on a photo cake

Nothing makes a party quite like the perfect cake; it is really amazing to see how people have come across various ways to celebrate their special days and the unique occasions. Whether it is your birthday or marriage anniversary, without cake, an event does not look completed. Now, buying those old and simple chocolate cakes and the ones with strawberry flavor is so lame. You need to look for some other options, which will make your cakes unique, yet with an attractive texture and delicious too.

More often only edible pictures are posted on cakes, which will not affect your health in a bad way. Thus, people are now willing to work more towards photo cakes, for a completely different look on the occasion. Photos on cakes are one of the personalized gifts for someone special in your life. Order online cake delivery in Bangalore to get it at your doorstep. Few of the famous photo cakes are listed below.

Rich chocolate photo cake:

This photo cake is an unusual flavor for your loved ones and it is a big treat for the chocolate lovers, and it looks like a classic chocolate cake. A photo on a rich chocolate flavor would be a smart idea and it’s an amazing choice too. The secret to the tastiest rich chocolate cake lies in both the quality of the chocolate used in the cake.

Choco-Hazelnut photo cake:

Choco-Hazelnut cakes have always been one of the world’s most popular photo cakes. The tradition of making hazelnut photo cakes for celebrations or ceremonies is in present generation all around the world. They are created into specific shapes in accordance to the particular occasion. This photo cake looks too trendy in combination. Online cake order in Bangalore can send cakes to every place in Bangalore.

Butterscotch photo cake:

Butterscotch photo cake is an elaborate sweet food that has a unique flavor of brown sugar and butter combined together. It can often be found as a very fashionable type, it is definitely the best option for birthdays, anniversaries.  A butterscotch photo cake is a popular choice for millions all over the world. With the rise of the Internet, you can easily place a Butterscotch photo cake order online and have it delivered right to your doorsteps.

Choco-strawberry photo cake:

Strawberry is juicy, refreshing and richest fruit; the mixture of chocolate and strawberries adds more taste to the cake. This special delicious photo cake will glamor garden parties, celebrations, weddings, and family events.

Delight Black Forest photo cake:

Healthy cakes are appreciated every single one of around the world, black forest cake is one of them. Delight black forest cake is more smooth and tasty. You can surprise your loved one with a photo on this black forest cake, with extreme joy and happiness. Online cake delivery in Bangalore is more famous for the variety of photo cakes. Online cake order in Bangalore is good in quality and also best rated.

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