Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Devops, the most effective method to develop new ideas

Really, What is Devops? Even though the term is now sounding and being treated as if it was a marketing buzzword such as Big Data and cloud, there is a real basic level initiative behind the hype which turned out to be a base of some good ideas that are generated by a few smart people who are a part of application delivery. They never stopped and went on to develop such great ideas like this until they did it for real, concrete and awesome things.

But others just saw how successful these new teamwork methods were, and they tried to figure out the shortcut formulas to get there, but without fully understanding the original ideas, it is going to be a bad luck. Oops! This did not leave behind confusion and problems since it is certainly impossible to implement DevOps ideas without understanding and putting it into practice.

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Unfortunately, there is no such way which we call it as the shortcut for the DevOps ideas. There is no way to implement it using an expensive package of software. Although nowadays, there are Devops online training, tools, techniques and procedures can help you when you have adopted the ideas of DevOps. Still, there is an essential prerequisite such as a positive working relationship between your teams.

How can DevOps accelerate Innovation?

There are 8 ways identified through which DevOps can accelerate an amazing innovation in your organization.

  • Faster releases
  • Automation capabilities
  • Minimizes IT barriers
  • Improved testing
  • Automated test case capabilities
  • Advanced planning
  • Infrastructure management support
  • Promotes collaboration

DevOps has a major impact in the areas where software makes a difference. A recent study conducted by a team of researchers resulted in the decision that the organizations which have embraced DevOps principles and tools effectively they have 8,000 times faster lead times as well as 30 times more deployments frequently than their peers.

It didn’t stop there. They also have 12 times faster mean time for the recovery when any issues arise and are twice as likely in order to exceed profitability, productivity goals, and market share. These significant statistical impact the bottom line as well as separate the companies which can even win from their struggling rivals. If you want to be one of them, there is the easiest way to know the buzzword. Of course, DevOps online training!

Companies which can harness the power of DevOps can definitely innovate continuously to develop new apps whose capabilities are faster and have the capacity to push all those updates out to existing customers. Through this, they will have a significant advantage over their competitors who are still slogging to innovate something in the traditional way. Yes, it is certainly hard to compete with companies which are deploying 30 times faster than the rest. Since it is going to be you, you will get twice the market share and the profitability.

Again, What is Devops? At its core, DevOps is not exactly a tool. It is not even a process. And it is not even a methodology. In its most valuable sense, DevOps is an idea to strive for!

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