Tuesday, November 1, 2016


In the post-liberalization era, India has emerged as one of the top medical destinations in the world. Over the following years, India acquired a global reputation as a medical hub that is constantly evolving and striving to provide patients not only world class treatment and care but also world-class healthcare facilities, affordable health care packages and above all, a congenial environment for ensuring a sound recovery process.

Among the Indian cities, Hyderabad has rapidly emerged as one of the best destinations for quality healthcare. Currently, there are a good number of world class hospitals in the city, each with their own qualified reputation, that are attracting patients from not only all over the city but also patients from different parts of India and the world.


Here are the special factors that make the hospitals in Hyderabad some of the best of their kind in the world:

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART INFRASTRUCTURE: The hospitals, by and large, possess world-class infrastructure comprising modern operating theaters, fully-equipped intensive-care units, and diagnostic facilities, etc, to deliver high-quality medical services of international standards.  
  • WORLD-CLASS SPECIALISTS: Majority of the hospitals have medical specialists who are internationally recognized experts in their chosen domain area. They are well-conversant with their area of work and are quick to diagnose and provide effective treatment. In addition, they are receptive to changing trends and adapt to them accordingly.
  • INNOVATION & EDUCATION: Innovation is the norm in most of the hospitals. Spurred by the need to provide effective treatment and care, the hospitals constantly innovate and implement to ensure that the patient gets the right of the best treatment. Further, the hospitals stay in tune with the advancements in preventive care as well as groundbreaking treatments.
  • FAMILY-ORIENTED CARE: Patients are given personalized treatment and care with their opinions valued and incorporated as a part of the hospital working methodology. Hospitals also tend to actively encourage patients to participate in family health care programs and opinions elicited.
  • FAMILY SUPPORT: Quality support services for the entire family are provided for as they navigate through their family member’s healthcare journey.
  • COMMUNITY CARING: A wide range of inpatient, emergency, and outpatient care is offered in depth and this ensures better community spirit and bonding.
  • SPECIALISED PROGRAMS: Specialized programs in various medical specialties are provided for at affordable rates. These programs encompass the whole spectrum of treatment and care and also come with treatment options to cater to varied requirements.
  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: Hospitals often work to improve the way they do things, measuring their performance and identifying areas where they can improve the care that is provided.  

Hyderabad hospitals also believe that there’s always room for improvement and establishing practices that lead to measurable improvement.

With it's personalized and exemplary patient care and an impeccable track record of quality service, Continental Hospitals stands apart as one of the Hyderabad hospitals that make for a good choice for quality medical treatment and care.


Continental Hospitals, widely rated as one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad, is India’s first LEED qualified super-specialty hospital and JCI cum NABH accredited. It offers treatment cum care in 30 plus specialties through a sound combination of advanced Medicare powered by the latest medical technologies, skilled doctors supplemented by well-trained nursing staff and world-class infrastructure including modular operation theaters, advanced ICUs, and emergency center.

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality treatment and care to every patient, it remains focused on enhancing its quality of service to international standards with a focus on safety and privacy. It is this approach that consistently makes it one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad.

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