Thursday, November 3, 2016


It’s unthinkable to think of a birthday without a cake as a part of it. To think of one is akin to thinking of a car without a steering wheel and driving. A cake is a must for a birthday just like a steering wheel is a must for a car.

They say seduction is an art that few can sustain through the ages. Likewise, it can be said that cakes have a seductive charm that few items have been able to match through the ages.


Here are five of the most sensational birthday cakes that will give many moments of delicious bites and memorable celebrations.

  • BLACK FOREST GATEAU : It comprises of several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. The cake is decorated with additional whipped cream, some more cherries and chocolate shavings. Under all the whipped cream are layers of soft chocolate sponge with a smattering of rum and cinnamon. It’s a classic birthday cake that never fails to impress and has an indelible charm that lasts for every birthday.

  • STRAWBERRY & CREAM SPONGE CAKE : A light sponge cake with two layers that is peppered with custard, lots of jam-covered strawberries and a rich whipped cream. The sides of the cake and around the top is piped with sliced strawberries.

  • CHOCOLATE CELEBRATION CAKE : An extravagant luxurious cake packed with lots of delicious chocolate flavors that is topped with sophisticated chocolate curls and piled high with layers of sponge cake, chocolate rice crisps, and nougat. It’s a cake that is truly worthy of a celebration.

  • COFFEE CAKE WITH MOCHA FROSTING : It’s a moist espresso and chocolate flavored cake infused with an intense coffee flavor. The sides of the cake are brushed with a coffee glaze and then finished with a soft mocha and a creamy coffee-dark chocolate cum buttercream frosting, making every bite melt in the mouth.

  • BANANA CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING : A moist, tender cake that is topped with creamy all-natural peanut butter-cream cheese frosting and a decadent banana chocolate ganache. In addition, it’s studded with walnuts and covered in a smooth brown-sugar caramel cream cheese frosting.

There is nothing like a fruity birthday cake treat that is glazed with a tender ganache, to make your birthday a celebration of one-of-a-kind that is worth indulging in.

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