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Hair loss and thinning of hair have become a terrible issue for scores of men as well as women. Not only does it have a traumatic effect but it also has a profound effect on their professional career as well as family life.

Hair follicles which play an important part in the growth of new hair are described as tubular structures in the skin from which hair is grown. When born, one has the same amount of hair follicles as is had today. These hair follicles are part of the skin which makes them impossible to grow more of them in future. Further, hair follicles once dead cannot be re-grown again

One of the best solutions is to stimulate hair growth through improved blood circulation. There are many new approaches that if followed properly can work to stimulate hair growth with a potential for improved results.


Here are some new approaches that can stimulate your hair follicles and help fuel new hair growth:

  • LASER HAIR GROWTH THERAPY: Also referred to as low-level laser therapy, it delivers beams of powerful red and infrared light energy to the scalp so as to encourage healthier scalp conditions that will fuel stimulation of hair follicles. A gentle and natural treatment, it does not cause any side-effects or discomfort of any kind and most importantly is said to produce noticeable results within a period of several weeks’ constant application.
  • PHYTOCERAMIDES: It is regarded as an alternative to Botox. They help to re-hydrate the skin from within and boost cellular renewal which in turn helps improve the condition of hair as well as skin, nails, and internal organs.  They are known to help hair grow thicker, healthier and at a faster rate.
  • MECHANICAL STIMULATION: It involves wounding the skin slightly on the scalp that in turn will fuel the creation of new hair cells. Later this will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, both of which help increase circulation and improve elasticity. The end result is that growth of more hairs.
  • ELECTRIC MASSAGER: It’s a cordless scalp massage solution. With its easy-to-use ergonomic design and waterproof and rechargeable benefits, it revitalizes the scalp through targeting of specific acupuncture points.
  • SCALP EXERCISES: They involve tensing and relaxing the muscles in the head, predominantly the forehead, followed by the stretching and relaxation of the skin. This will help improve blood circulation to the hair follicles. The idea is to ensure that the scalp does not become too tight and restrict blood flow but instead relax the forehead and remove the tensions that accumulate there.  Two popular forms of scalp exercises are raising the eyebrows to a higher maximum extent and lowering of the eyebrows to the maximum extent.

If you’re wondering how to stop hair loss and instead make them grow, then Keshyog treatment for hair fall would make for a good choice.


GTM Teleshopping offers some of the best solutions for your entire hair fall problem. One of them is the popular Keshyog treatment for hair fall that can help hair grow even in those who are in a state of baldness and are shedding hair rapidly.
100% completely Herbal and Ayurvedic hair oil, Keshyog hair oil nourishes the entire scalp, removes dead hair cells and improves circulation of blood into the scalp. Since its introduction in the marketplace, it has been used with success by scores of people, for treating problems of hair thinning, dandruff, premature graying and baldness.

All you need to do is to apply the oil continuously for a period of 8-10 weeks ina prescribed mannerr. If done so properly, then it will start arresting hair fall within 3-4 days. Make sure to avoid usage of the oil with simultaneous usage of chemical based shampoos or other conditioning products. Further, one should also avoid direct exposure of treatment area to sunlight.

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