Thursday, September 15, 2016


Are you one of those ashamed of your short or puny height? Looking to increase your height and feel on top of the world?

If so, no need to feel downcast for there are ways that can help you increase your height. The importance of having a good height can be gleaned from a recent study that tells that a good height apart from being beneficial for enhancing one’s physical attributes, has also been linked to attaining higher IQs, better job prospects and above all, gaining a positive outlook towards life.

But it’s said that one cannot increase his/her height once they reach a certain age or puberty, an age of 15 in boys and 13 in girls. That is true, but then there is hope that can reverse this limit, and that is Yoga, an ancient meditation technique that helps in adding a few inches more to height while also helping provide a balance of calmness and strength to mind and body.

An ancient Indian technique, Yoga refers to the union between human’s body and mind, a simple, easy and effective method that not only helps in attaining good height, but also in attaining a calm mind and a clean body, so essential for healthy living. It involves taking a deep breath through the focus on different parts of the body. What results is that when the mind stays relaxed and stress-free, the body will be easily able to produce Growth Hormone that is essential for facilitating increase in height,

How about trying out simple and safe methods of Yoga that will for sure help increase your height while causing no side effects or dangers?

Well, if you are keen, you would be glad to know that there are many yoga postures that will help increase your height in a natural and safe way. In addition, Yoga works wonder for your health as well as your mind. Though results are a slow process, but effects are for long-term which is greatly beneficial, something that is worthwhile and with hard work, commitment and persistence, one can bring about the desired results.

With faith in Yoga and proper guidance from a good Yoga teacher, you can reap good dividends.


Here are some popular Yoga postures that help to fuel growth hormone essential for increasing height:

  • SURYA NAMASKAR (SUN SALUTATION): Performed facing the sun, it comprises of 12 steps. The basic yogic posture main focus lies on stretching every part of the body. Surya Namaskar is ideal for not only facilitating height growth but also for strengthening the muscles and making them more flexible.
  • BHUJANGASANA (COBRA POSTURE): In this, one must lie down on one’s stomach with toes stretched, legs kept close, feet touching each other and hands below the shoulder. Then pressure needs to be put in the hands, and later the chest should be lifted up while ensuring pressure on both the hands.
  • TADASANA (TREE POSTURE): In this, you need to stand straight with arms on the sides and feet flat on the floor. Later slowly and gradually place the right foot on the inner thigh of the left leg, all without over-stressing yourself. Then you need to balance on left leg while keeping it straight. Later further you need to bring the palms together in front of the chest while slowly raising the hands and clasping them over the head. The stretch must be done to the best that is possible.
  • NATRAJASANA (LYING DOWN BODY TWIST): It is performed lying down on the back with arms stretched out in a horizontal style. The legs should be straight and close. Later the knees should be bent (close to each other) and the feet flat on the ground brought as close as possible to the hips. Following this, the knees should be swung to the left side and then stretched as much as possible, to be followed by the knees touching the ground.
  • ARDHA CHARASANA (WHEEL POSTURE): You need to stand straight with the two feet as close as possible to each other with the arms on either side. Later the arms should be stretched over the head and bent backward in a way that you can actually feel the stretch. This posture will not help facilitate height growth but also help your body become more flexible.

  • HASTAPADASANA (STANDING FORWARD BEND): You need to stand in a standing position, straight with legs close to one another and hands by the side. Then the hands should be raised above the head and bent forward as much as possible. You need to bring your head near your knees and then touch the feet.

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