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Top Stylish Costumes In Telugu Movies That Elevated Heroes

Tollywood industry now becomes very popular in costume designing, below are the few top
most costume designers who already worked with top celebrities.

1. Ashwin Mawle

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Ashwin Mawle is the most famous and happening stylist in the whole Tollywood. He is
professionally a designer from Hyderabad. He is a best friend of Stylish Star Allu Arjun.
He started his job in Tollywood in 2009 as a designer when Allu Arjun invited him to
design his costumes for Arya 2. Then he became famous and designed movie costumes
for few heroes who acted in Varudu, Darling, Vedam, 100% Love, Baadshah, Akhil,
Oosaravelli, Iddarammayilatho, and immediately for Nannaku Prematho. He designed
a Sherwani and bride’s dresses for Allu Arjun’s marriage.

2. Kona Neeraja

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She studied fashion designing and spent 14 years in the US. She was preparing marketing
and merchandising in the fashion industry when she was introduced to a couple of people
and was inspired by her brother Kona Venkat. After managing as a stylist for Nithiin in
‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyindhe,’ she has worked for ‘Ramayya Vasthavayya,’ ‘Atharintiki Dharedhi,’
‘Yevadu’ and ‘Courier Boy Kalyan.’ But her most significant success came after meeting
Samantha Ruth Prabhu and becoming her stylist.

3. Rajesh More

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He is from Hyderabad. He did his convocation in Fashion Design and Information Technology
from the famous institute NIFT in 2005. After completing his studies, he started his profession
as a Head Designer (Men’s Department) in Bangalore for various International brands, Diesel,
ETRO, Roberto Cavalli, GANT and Espirit. He designs movie clothes for top star
Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Filmography Of Rajesh More for Power Star Pawan Kalyan
As a Costume Designer: Puli (Created costumes only for the movie Songs), Teenmaar,
Gabbar Singh, Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu, Attarintiki Daredi.
4. Roopa Vaitla
She is the wife of Srinu Vaitla. She originated her career with Dookudu; her celebrated
filmography is Samantha(Dookudu), Kajal(Baadshah), Samantha (Jabardasth), Samantha
(Autonagar Surya), Tammanah(Aagadu).

5. Rama Rajamouli
Rama (w/o SS Rajamouli) presented her debut as costume stylist with Sye film. She got
the great appreciation for the costumes she designed for Prabhas in Chatrapati. From
then she has been the costume stylist for all of Rajamouli’s films. She also created
costumes for Nagavalli and Mitrudu.
6. Asmita Marwa
Vogue rates Asmita Marwa as one of nine top up-and-coming international designers.
Asmita began creating clothes in Hyderabad in the 1990s. She was the first Hyderabadi
designer to enter into the Telugu Film Industry. Numerous actors, including Nagarjuna,
Balakrishna, Shriya, Mahesh Babu, Preity Zinta, Anjala Zaveri, Tabu, Asin, Charmy, and
Anushka, have used her clothes, in movies like Manmadhudu, Santhosham,
Premante Idera, Arjun, Attadu, Pokiri, and Gharshana.

7. Aravind Joshua
He is from Hyderabad. He completed his graduation in Fashion and costume sketching
from National Institute of Fashion And Technology (NIFT). He was very well recognized
for the use of Khadi in his designing. He worked for favorite directors like Shekar Kammula,
Indraganti Mohana Krishna. He prefers to do innovative business with the materials.
He also started a fashion school described as Trithvaa School Of Fashion and Costume
Design in cooperation with the Khadi Mahavidhyalaya (Khadi and Village Industries Board.
He served as a costume designer for favorite movies like “Anand” (2004), “Godavari
“(2006), “Ashta Chamma” (2008), “Happy Days” (2007), “Gunde Jallumandi” (2008),
Leader” (2009) and “Life Is Beautiful” (2012).
8. Niranjan
He was born in Vijayawada. He had built his schooling at Hyderabad and Intermediate
at Dehradun. After that, he has taken a course in “Textile Designing” from Indian Institute
of Handloom Technology. He was a bachelor of National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT).
He knew top Director Krishna Vamsi through a common friend, and he was impressed with
his work and gave him an opportunity to mold in his movie “Rakhee.” He is the personal
stylist for Priya Mani, Navdeep & Kalyan Ram. Niranjan molded on the styling for almost
25 films in Tollywood like Rakhi, Chandamama, Lakshyam, Hareram, etc.
Nandamuri Balakrishna, Priyamani, Charmee, Kalyanram, Kajal Agarwal, Navadeep
attended their best in Niranjan’s collections. He is also the styling master for Kalaniketan’s
designer store “Ariza.”

9. Deepa Chander
She was born and begun up in Nigeria and have been in Hyderabad for the modern 21 years.
Was called first by the top producer of “Bollywood Calling”- Satyam Garu. She was invited to
work on Missamma, where the woman met Neelkanta and Bhumika. That was the derivation
of her friendship with Bhumika Chawla and her journey in the Telugu film Industry. She
sketched costumes for Arundhati, Kantri, Chakram, Lakshyam,  16 December, Shankar
Dada Zindabad, Anasuya, Maska, Kaavya’s Diary and many more…
10. Renu Desai
She created costumes for her husband, Pawan Kalyan. She served as a costume designer
for the movies Kushi(2001), Johnny (2003), Gudumba Shankar (2004), Balu (2005) and
Annavaram (2006).

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Goal-Setting Software: A Ladder To Success

American entrepreneur Anthony Robbins once said, "Setting goals is the first step to turn
the invisible to visible." No other quote defines the success of businesses better. For a
company (fledgling or established) to achieve profit, instead of stagnating, it needs a
goal. A target will enable a CEO and rest of the management to work on the weak areas
to achieve it. However, it not sensible to use the old-school method of writing it down
somewhere, as we can lose it at any time. Therefore, one needs goal-setting software which
can help organize a business's aim and its strategies to achieve the same.
Why use goal-setting software?
The direction of the business:
Success requires focus and determination; both of which are pointless without a direction.
Therefore, one needs a chalked-out course to ensure progress. A goal management software
help prioritize tasks, making sure the focus in on the necessary facets and set long-term target
that one can check-up on later.
Future goals:
future goals.jpg
Targets are necessary for any business to flourish and progress. Without them, a company
could be heading towards stagnation and then failure. Goal-setting software compliments
a business's marketing OKRs and helps reach corporate goals, thereby achieving success
and then aid in maintaining it.
Employee management:
As a business grows, so does the number of employees. Handling all of them and their
performance can be challenging for the managers. Goal management software helps
solve this problem while encouraging the employees to work harder to reach their monthly
and yearly targets, as they get to view their progress.
Reduced stress:

Running a business is no small task. It requires handling multiple things at a time, which
can lead to unwanted worries. Setting specific target and tasks can prevent one from being
stressed-out by the piling work. A goal-setting software aids in setting these goals, thereby
shifting your focus to crucial tasks and reducing stress.
Tips to follow when choosing goal-setting software
Consider business needs:
business needs.jpg
When selecting goal-setting software for a company, the thing to keep in mind if the said
software meets the requirements of the business. Ideally, it needs to go hand in hand with
the marketing OKRs of an enterprise to ensure profit and progress. Therefore, consider
the goals of the business when choosing any software.
Ready resources:
Before taking any significant decisions that affect a business, one should consider the
stakeholders. Moreover, an individual or team should be appointed to manage the software
and the results it yields. Therefore, one of the first things one needs to do before investing
in goal-setting software is to get all the duck in a row.
Business has multiple goals to meet under the main target. For example, if the primary
goal is to increase global sales, then there will be tasks that will lead to it, say, manufacturing
world-class products. However, most OKRs software only has cascading goals. Hence, one
should choose one that has a flow-chart design to keep things in order.
real time.jpg
In a world where time is as important as money, each second counts and wasting anyone
trying to catch up to the goals and tasks of others can be damaging to a business. Therefore,
make sure to get goal-setting software that gives instant access to everyone.
Feedback tools:
In a company, managers often need to communicate with their subordinates regarding work.
Moreover, appreciating employees can encourage them to work harder. Therefore, when
selecting goal-setting software, choose one that enables communication between managers
and other employees.
Upgrades and levels:
For a fledgling business, there is a requirement for software that suits their level. It is, therefore,
beneficial to choose one that offers upgrades over time, so one can update when needed and
not before.
Test drive:
Before selecting goal-setting software, it is necessary to check if it what an enterprise needs;
and if it works efficiently. Moreover, employees need to know how to use one as they need to
utilize it every day. Therefore, a business needs to book for a demo of the software before
considering to invest in one.

Setting a target and viewing the progress encourages one to work harder to achieve it.
Moreover, it brings an enterprise in order and prevents any mess. Therefore, goal-setting
software is a ladder to success for businesses.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

3 Perfect Shades For Bridal Lehengas For The Offbeat Bride

So, is your BIG DAY only a month or two away? Have you chosen your beautiful bridal
look yet? Is serious trouble rising to the surface before you? Would you like to fit into the
meaning of an offbeat bride flawlessly? Look for best designer lehenga for bridal day
& choose the perfect bridal wear. If yes, today’s your day, and you are at the right place.

These tips will help you slay at the first challenge of the unique bridal world. So, following
are the three stunning shades of lehengas that you will instantly fall in love with.

Image result for lehenga designs

  • Ink Blue Lehengas

The blue family may simply be the last color that passes your brain, and that is only the
motivation behind why it is on the highest priority on this rundown. Ink blue is an ideal
color that can enable you to make a style statement. If you need to embellish a regal look,
go for an ink blue velvet lehenga. It would not be off base to state this may end up one
of the hottest colors to agree to in the coming wedding seasons. Pick an ink blue designer
lehenga for bridal day!

  • Mint colored Lehengas

So you may have seen a lot of greens and peaches on the fancy Instagram accounts!
This will break the reality to you that greens are digging in for the long haul and mint
green in another entrant to the lehenga game. As far back as pastel shades turned into
a thing for the day wedding, mint green has been ruling the scene. You can wear a leheng
a that is all mint green or makes personal contrast. It just runs with each other color you've
known till date.

  • Fairytale Gold Lehengas

Gold is a timeless shading that works ponder for both, the conventional and the offbeat
bride. These days, the brilliant sequinned lehenga with a differentiating dupatta has been
making a buzz everywhere throughout the social media. If you think bling is your thing,
this is the color that you need. Because of how you wear it, you can utilize it for the day
or night wedding both. For the reception, you can pick a golden saree by opting
Indian wedding saree online shopping.

4 Awesome Ways To Do Wedding Balloon Decoration

You always dream of a simple & elegant wedding, and when that was going to arrive, people
get confused, every girl dream of a great, perfect wedding from the moment she understands
what wedding means to her.  This may be the situation since every one of the relational
unions that you attended to in your life were all flashy deeply. After spending most of the
planning & organizing about the decorations, you may have been too many birthday parties
& noticed that how beautifully balloons are used to decorate the hall, etc. that goes same
with the grand weddings but with the decoration also involves a touch beautiful flowers
with balloons.

Image result for balloon decoration in hyderabad

To make things easier for you here are four different ways to decorate the wedding wall
for any event with the help of helium balloons.

Alter Framing:

Beautifying your Wedding Alter with wedding balloons will give you a grand inclination
when you stand there with your future partner in your exquisite wedding dress. To make
things whimsical, utilize just uni-shaded balloons, commonly white or pink. Since all the
eyes will be on you and your accomplice, you don't need the balloons to occupy or
prevent the guests from the beautiful match standing on the Alter. Top off the balloons
with helium-filled in it and cover the strings with some flower bushes and ivy to clean
things up. To get helium balloons to opt for helium gas in Hyderabad & get in touch
with party planners who will help you out in filling helium in balloons.

Reception Decoration

Give your indoor receptions some open-air landscape, utilizing Balloon Decoration. One
of the approaches to decorating your banquet room with balloons is by hanging them
from the roof using paste, tulle or strings. At the point when done right, this emulates a
view of mists, with some greenery element added to it. For this, you can again utilize
some flower bushes and ivy hanging along the helium balloons. Look for
helium balloons in Hyderabad & get the helium-filled balloons.


If you pay somewhat more for some specific sort of balloons, at that point Balloon letters
ought to be your best option. These balloons come in various hues and states of the
considerable number of letters, which can be utilized to beautify dessert tables, walls
of your reception hall and dance floors too. Your guests will go insane taking pictures
before these and give you add enjoyable to your wedding album. These balloons are
thicker, and other general decoration expands and will keep going for a considerable
length of time, making them reusable.

Dining Table Festoon

Make a chain or garland of Balloons, utilizing a hard wire or a rope, sufficiently long to
cover the length of the dining table. Wrap the rope with the strip and go along with
them to the rope utilizing strings. Once more, don't run flashy with shades of the
decoration balloons, and stick to uni-colored balloons, similar to white or pink, and
give your guests a meticulous table to feast on. Look for the gas balloon
in Hyderabad & start the decoration for any type of event.